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Church Movie License: 1000+ People

Church Movie License: 1000+ People

$ 339.00


Your confirmation email will contain the link to download your free sermon materials! Save this email for full access when the full list is published in January 2016.

Your DVD Screener Copy will be shipped automatically upon checkout.

Purchase* of this license includes:

  • FREE Film Clips
  • FREE Sermons text with each clip
  • FREE Sermon Outlines
  • FREE Discussion Questions
  • FREE Video Sermon Sample
  • FREE Bulletin Flyers for promotion
  • FREE DVD pre-sale forms
  • FREE Window Flyers for promotion

*Upon purchase of the license, you will automatically receive a confirmation email providing the link for download of your digital resources. Your DVDs and Screener Copy will be shipped to the address you provided.


We’ve found Return to the Hiding Place is a powerful tool for building up the body of believers, and reaching out to the community. To best enable churches to use it in this way, we’ve developed a screening kit with a range of resources to help you make it happen!

The Kit and screening license is $339. 
The Kit includes all the amenities listed above for FREE - PLUS we will send you DVDs as part of your package to sell or give away; the best thing is, there’s NO obligation, and you get the DVDs FREE for 60 days. You can return them at any time, and we’ll only bill you for the ones you keep. Many churches have found this to be an effective fundraiser which more than offsets the cost of the screening kit. We’ve found consistently between 30% and 40% of people who see the film at church screenings want to take a copy of the DVD home with them. As a result, we’ve developed a program whereby we will also send you DVDs at wholesale ($8 each) which you may re-sell at retail ($16 each) to help offset the cost of the screening and more.

To see more about the film, including the theatrical trailer and lots of endorsements/testimonies, go to


Terms of License:

Purchase of this product provides consent from buyer to terms of the licensing agreement that states the buyer may show the film Return to the Hiding Place for a one-time showing to his or her group size as designated in the product options above. Purchase of the license for the designated house size will include the number of DVDs to be returned or redeemed by purchase within 60 days of screening. 

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